Just a little introductory video I put together about my skills and passions using Powtoon for my Digital Portfolio/Blog/LinkedIn landing pages! 

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So ready for new Pointe’s! Need to look for some that don’t have that nasty excess fabric. Anyone else have this issue? Or does every pointe shoe have this? 
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Totally got up at 6am and went for a 5k run this morning!

It took 22 minutes which is pretty good for me. I run so much better when the air is colder… Which is why morning running is probably better for me than going in the afternoons. IDK when I will run again though. I’m not really feeling it… I hate running so much you don’t even understand, but at the same time something always draws me back to it. 

When I got home, my Dad and friend who left at the same time as me (they walked) weren’t home yet, so I took my dog for a 2k walk to warm down. I’m so disappointed I’m not sore this morning from my circuit/ballet classes last night </3

I might do Insanity Relief later today to stretch instead of a full on workout. Dad thinks I’ll over do it if I do too much. Maybe I’ll do some ballet too later on… You can never do enough ballet tbh!


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Life update because I have been neglecting Tumblr lately…

On Tuesday, I’m picking up my official transcript from Uni, so I can submit it to the teachers registration board. They will then send me my ‘authority’ to teach letter, meaning that everything will be 100% official. I’m also updating my first aid qualifications on Wednesday so I’ll be all ready to go in a few weeks when the new school year starts. 

Unfortunately, like most teaching graduates from my uni, I have not been able to secure a full time contract for the beginning of the school year, so I will be commencing my teaching career as a TRT teacher (Temporary Relief/Supply teacher). I half expected this to be the case because I want to work in the metro/city area which is extremely competitive. 

Wanting to be proactive in my approach to ‘cracking the industry’, yesterday, I sent out a tweet to ask teachers in Adelaide for beginning the year as a TRT. The supervising teacher from my final prac soon after contacted me and gave me the details of the TRT authority at his school and encouraged me to contact him just before school returns. So I’m pretty confident I’ll get some temporary work there as they know me already and I spent eight weeks in total there last year. The school is also an inner city school which is exactly where I want to be someday.

Another teacher from one of the catholic schools I really wanted to get a contract from last year also contacted me via twitter and asked me to send her an email so she can give me some information about getting work with her school too. The power of social media. I encourage any pre-service teachers out there to make yourself a twitter account dedicated to connecting with teachers in your area/state, and globally. You will be amazed at how willing they are to give you advice, answer questions and connect with you to help both their students, and yours alike.

So I’m feeling a little more confident about my job prospects than I have been over the last month or so. With teaching in my state, the hardest step is getting your foot in the door, so it is so important to me right now to just keep working away at networking and getting known.

First term for TRT can be quiet if you haven’t got any schools willing to give you temp work, but I hope these new advances will help out. I’m determined to get some kind of contract by at least mid year. Whatever happens, I’m going to take it as it comes and go with it. I know I’m destined for great things. I just need to put in the hard work first, and it will all turn out fine in the end. 

My parents are also willing to buy me an apartment in the city so I have somewhere central to live. Where I live now, would mean that I would have to drive an hour or more a day to get to any school that I want to actually teach at, which would make me exhausted before long with all of the travel. Basically, they will buy an apartment as an investment property at some point, and I will pay rent and have a housemate (who I think I have already found). As soon as I know what I’m doing with teaching and have some constant work, mum said they will get it sorted and look into it. I’m so thankful to have such wonderful parents, as I know a lot of people wouldn’t have opportunities like that. 

Oh, and ballet. I returned after two weeks of not having class due to the Christmas break, and it felt so foreign at the beginning! I felt so robotic or something and my body was just like “what are you even doing?” 

I was the only adult who turned up to both classes that night, but there were a few of the advanced girls who dance at the studio who took the class as their classes don’t run over the summer break… I think they looked about 16 or 17??

I felt so out of my league, because they were both so good, but I tried my best and I think I kept up with them okay considering the difference in technique, etc. In a way, being able to see really solid technique allowed me to keep pushing myself to continue to improve and work hard. I may not have been able to land the double pirouettes in that class, but I did try, and I will keep trying until they become second nature. 

The pointe section of the class was another challenge, and a lot faster than what I’m used to, but at least I tried. I am definitely going to work on travelling faster… I guess it comes with practice, but right now it just seems so difficult to move your feet that fast en pointe. 

The dynamic of the class was different too. The usual people in the Friday classes I attend (myself included) use the space differently to the two girls that I took the class with this time, which confused me so much. They had a greater awareness of the use of space, which really opened my eyes. I’m definitely going to keep that in mind over the coming weeks to improve that aspect. 

So, if anything, taking class with people way above my skill level taught me a lot about myself and what I need to work on. It added a whole new level of challenge for me. :)

AND, I am almost 100% certain that I’m going to London and Paris (one week in each) in July over the school/uni break with two friends. We’re going to a travel agent next week to sort it out and eventually pay for flights, etc. 

2014, I hope you are as promising as you are shaping up to be. :)

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After a wonderful Christmas day, I still managed to fit in a double Insanity workout. It was 9:00pm Christmas night when I started, but I completed the Asylum Back to Core workout as well as the Insanity Pure Cardio workout. It felt so good to stick to the workout plan and just get it done. After all, Sunday is Insanity Rest Day, not Wednesday. 

Although I ate quite normally and healthily yesterday, I did have some things with sugar and grains in them. They were delicious, but I have learned over time that they really don’t make me feel good. I have a headache today from having sugar because my body just isn’t used to it. Was so excited to wake up today to make a nice healthy (grain and sugar free) breakfast, and drink plenty of water.

It’s hard for me to believe that I used to eat grains or consume things with sugar in them regularly… I feel so much better without them tbh! 

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Scrap P90X - I’m moving on to ‘Insanity: The Asylum”

I tried out P90x but it just isn’t as motivating for me, and to be honest, a little dare I say… Boring.

Shaun T is the ultimate motivation, which is probably the reason I actually stuck with Insanity even though it’s getting a little un-challenging. Instead of an Insanity/P90x hybrid, I’m going to do Insanity/The Asylum together and see how I go. SO ready for a challenge. The videos I have seen for Asylum look INTENSE!

Basically, this is going to be me after the “Athletic performance Assessment” and every workout after that! 


Have any of you guys done The Asylum (volume 1 or 2)?

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I overloaded this semester, so had to complete five topics instead of four. All of the topics this semester were a challenge to be completely honest, so I’m just glad I passed and can officially teach next year!!!!


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Just did my Insanity workout followed by the R.A.D exam syllabus for ballet again! Feelin’ good, feelin’ fine. 

Next week I’m going to be adding P90x workouts to make an Insanity/P90x hybrid for a challenge as Insanity by itself is getting a little un-challenging at this point… (Although it is still an amazing workout)


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Just did my daily Insanity workout AND my entire RAD ballet exam syllabus!

(Well, I lied… Technically I didn’t do the WHOLE syllabus, because I missed the character exercises as I haven’t bought my character shoes yet… But I did ALL the barre work, and center variations, including the classical dance in 3/4 - My fave AND 6/8 - not my fave b/c way too fast but yay)

Felt so good! 


*pats self on back*

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Current Project!

One of my friends who is starting teaching next year (like me) is a little nervous and unsure about teaching, so I’m making her a ‘teacher survival kit’ to give her as a part of her Christmas present to help her get inspired and excited about her teaching career. Most of the above examples will be laminated and placed in a folder, with notepads, post it-notes, plastic sleeves, etc so everything will be together. I’m also making her an owl pencil case and filling it with some necessary items for a primary school educator. 


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A break down of my week…

My ballet private was on Monday this week, which was a nice change! It was a great class, and I feel like I’m making progress which is exciting. I’m starting to really enjoy center work again, because I’m picking up things a lot faster and just going with it. I feel like I have learnt more about ballet this year than I did in the ten years I took it as a kid. 

Tonight I took a limbering class with a few of the girls from ballet and it was awesome! The limbering class was Yoga based (kind of), but we were encouraged to use turnout, and point our feet = all of the things I used to get told off for doing in Yoga class. 

I also tutored this afternoon. I have been tutoring this particular student for almost two terms now and she is growing and developing so much. Her confidence towards her work, and planning for assignments is amazing to see. It’s so rewarding to be able to witness that!

Tomorrow night, mum and I are going to the Festival Theater to see the Russian Ballet! I AM SO EXCITED! 

ALSO - My last ever day of Uni is rapidly approaching… Just over two weeks to go until I’m  a TEACHER! (Well, as long as I pass all of my topics that is)

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So, last night, we had to learn some of this ^^^^ dance! As soon as I heard the music, I was internally no - no - no - no-ing! It was so hard! As daunting as it was, I hope we work on it again though to make it better! New challenge, perhaps?
Yesterday was such a massive day - I definitely slept well after doing the Pure Cardio Insanity Workout, a half day at uni, carrying a four year old around a shopping center for four hours and two full ballet classes!
Today, I clean, study, go to work, and conquer the pylometric workout again! Dad also makes me do weights&#8230; So, I&#8217;ll do that too at some point! 
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Insanity Day #Two - Plyometric Cardio Circuit

Left me like:

That workout was harder than the 12 KILOMETER marathon I ran last month! It was intense, but I’m so glad I finished it. Bring on tomorrow!

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Just did the ‘Insanity’ Fit Test!!!


Switch Kicks: 65

Power Jacks: 50

Power Knees: 66

Power Jumps: 39

Globe Jumps: 46

Suicide Jumps: 46

Push Up Jacks: 40

Low Plank Obliques: 81 (or 40 if you are supposed to count both legs as one whole thing) 


I hate to know what the actual program is going to be like after the fit test. I am pretty fit right now, but that was a challenge for me. I can’t wait until the next fit test to see how many more reps I will be capable of doing! :D

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